Your teacher

Malek Mehaouchi

At a very young age, Malek was adopted by a French family. Both his father and mother were teachers, and in his extended family, there are four more. He grew up surrounded by that passion for teaching. As a teenager, he asked his father, “What is the art of teaching?” His father replied, “The art of teaching is to inspire another person to learn what you are passionate about.” Later in life, he realized the profoundness of that answer.

Malek returned to Algeria, where he was born, and worked at a technical school as a teacher for three years. Returning to France, he taught for two more years before moving to the U.S.

In 1986, he felt that Napa Valley needed a French representation, and, with the help of a small group of French locals, notably Mr. Jean-Jacques Vitrac, they started the Alliance Française de Napa. In 1987, armed with patience and persistence, they grew the new chapter to a thriving French social and cultural hub.

Over the years, and when his work schedule permitted, Malek taught French in Napa: in the early 90’s for two years, he served as a substitute for many French classes, and, in 2012, he became a full-time teacher of French with Alliance Française de Napa Valley.

The French language and culture have always been part of Malek’s life, and he enjoys sharing his experience with his students.