Here are a few testimonials from current students.

If you have a sincere intention to learn, these classes are for you. While they are fun, they also require full participation and that is the only way to learn. Malek makes sure that the class activities are varied in order to keep your interest and he uses different modalities to spark learning. And beyond the learning, you meet interesting people!
Penelope Andrews

I have been enrolled in French language classes through the Alliance Francaise of Napa for approximately a year. I have received expert instruction in all aspects of the language: reading, conversation, vocabulary and grammar, from an instructor who teaches with knowledge, charm, and humor. And, I have made new friends with people who share a love of French language and culture.
Marina Simenstad

I have been a member of L'Alliance Francaise for quite a few years and currently participate in the advanced level class in Napa, CA. This class easily satisfies my needs when it comes to learning the French language and learning about the French culture. Our professor, Mr. Mehaouchi, is an excellent instructor - a great guy with a good sense of humor as well.
Jim Bird

Malek is a brilliant teacher.  He is very forgiving and good at coaxing spoken French from students.  His own French is beautiful and elegant, giving us a good model for how we should sound.  He is adaptive and flexible, and there are always little surprises during each class, something one didn't expect, that contribute to alertness in learning.  He is the furthest thing from a dry academic.  He tells fetching stories and makes sure we understand them.  He follows up if we ask a question, sending us materials or bringing them to the next class.  Malek is quite sophisticated in his approach, but willing to get down to the fine details of the language if necessary.  I feel refreshed after his classes, partly due to Malek's excellent sense of humor.
Dale Craig

No matter your level, AF Napa French classes will pull you into the language and culture of France. Malek, “le prof,” is creative and astute in shaping lessons to the desires and learning styles of his students. Quite simply, fun AND rewarding (and amazingly energizing!).
Sally Seymour

The AF classes are very focused and congenial. Malek provides clarity in difficult areas so I can move my French to the next level. I made significant progress in a short time. Looking forward to the next class!
Emma Swain